the fair gds editor ChangeLog      20120824
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Release 20120824

Release Date 24.8.2012

Change Log

  • New Features:

  • User Interface:

    • a feature search with in the help dock window,
    • PropertiesMode allows to choose the element from a list,

    • lock button in PropertiesMode for boxes and rectangular polygons to keep size,

    • improved dialogs in the DesignRuleChecker,

    • short cut access of submenus via ALT+ first letter,

    • starts in free version without asking for a license key,
    • paste from clipboard zooms to the pasted shapes,
    • an optional tool bar with align features,
    • selecting cells to view can handel stacked references,
    • update check in the background,
    • all measurement feature show results with units,
    • setup checking before feature execution for many features,
    • choose layer by name from any dialog next to the layer selection by number,
    • align feature with nummerical entry of align position,
    • BoolOnLayer with option to delete destination layer,

    • end mode from all available modes by mouse,
    • free hand draw with the path mode,
    • selected shapes on hidden layers are displayed grey,
    • update of Japanese and German translated user interfaces,
  • Macros:

    • add debug features,
    • support of floating point numbers notated like 1.0E+99 (1.0E99 works before),
    • a optional autostart macro,
    • accessing NULL pointer objects in a macro results in an error message,
    • ExecuteMacro while a macro is runnung allows to abort a macro,

    • add set method in the stringList class,

    • support of absolute file names for includes statements and calling external tools,
    • add feature SeparateLayer and ExtractLayer to the macro interface,

    • callback macros are also search in a callback folder path,
    • correct codec reading for included files,
    • access to components class,
    • export and import of 3d models from/to the 3d view,
  • File Formats:

    • GDSII: export splits large polygon in a more efficient way, splitting problem is fixed, option to store enabled layers only, option to store pathes as polygons, fix some problems with non standard GDS files,

    • DXF: import/export of layer colors, support of DIMENSIONS and POINT sections, asymetric scaled INSERT,

    • Bundle: also save background images and its placement,

    • MacroDump added to store shapes as a LayoutEditor macro,

    • OASIS: option to store enabled layer only,

    • OpenAccess reads width of oaPathSeg,

    • Electromask: export option,

  • SchematicEditor:

    • component editor can import from eagle library files,
    • extension in the netlist generation,
    • snapping for ports and bus ports,
    • close design feature,
    • extension of the ParametricShapeLibrary,

  • TextEditor:

    • search and replace feature,
    • syntax highligh for CIF file format,

  • Bug Fixes:

    • bool operation with delete shapes, if a single shape is used twice,
    • add missing ; in GenerateTechnologyMacro,

    • access of submenus via ALT key,

    • cut feature validates result,
    • MinimumDistanceOrOverlap problem with selected shapes,

    • correct display of shortcuts on tool button after changing it,
    • problems with What's this Help from menus,

    • find top cell in desings without hierarchie,
    • ElementSizeMode for zero width pathes,

    • DRC notches next to connection line to inner holes,
    • DRC mindisOrOverlap, shapes inside concave corner were detected as errors,
    • templates correct port imformation from symbols in the component editor of the schematic,
    • changing parameter type in component editor,
    • BoolOnLayer with zero width pathes,

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