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TextEditor Documentation

(text part only, documentation of the layout part is here and of the schematic part is here).

Inlined image: text-editor.png

A manual for a text editor should be obsolete. So just some catchwords for it:

  • Installation,

  • integrated with the LayoutEditor and SchematicEditor,

  • use --textedit command line option to start direct or choose edit macro from the menu to open it,

  • encoding (like uni code, ASCII, etc.) is detected automaticly for common files,
  • highlighting of syntax is also handled automaticly, more than 30 different highlighter are supported,
  • GDSII files are converted into readable text automaticly,

  • text editor can be access from any macro,
  • macros can be added into the TextEditor menu, some macros (e.g. trigger a simulation or digital synthese) are shipped,


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