the fair gds editor LayerManager

Layer Manager

  • Icon: alt icon

  • Shortcut: Shift+F10


The layer manager is opened. With the layer manager any possible layer setup can be performed:

  • enable/disable layers
  • layer name, color, fill style
  • layer short cut
  • 3D setup
  • mapping table for GDSII and OASIS loading/saving

  • reset the setup to the default layer settings
  • creating layer setup macros

  • import layer setting from different file formats
  • performing any setting for the technology setup

Layer Manager in Detail

List of Layers

On the left side of the dialog you will find a list of any layers. For each layer you can enable/disable it. Disabled layer will not be display and its layer control button will not be display. Further for each layer can be named and it GDS/OASIS mapping can be set. The mapping can only be changed, if it is activated in the SetupDialog. The total number of layers in this list can be adjusted via the SetupDialog or the Addition Setup Options (see below). By clicking on one layer the detailed layers setting will be display right to the list.

Settings of a Layer

In the right of the dialog the details of each layer will be displayed. Always the red marked layer in the list of layers will be displayed. Color, shortcut, fill-style, 3d-setting and the layer type can be adjusted. The 3d setting are used for the 3d view, electrical extraction and to detect the connectivity together with the layer type.

Addition Setup Options

Pressing the little + in the lower left corner of the dialog will pop up further options to setup layers. These optional setup features are available:

  • making all layers enable,
  • making only layers enable, which are used in the current design,
  • disable all layers,
  • reset the layers to the factory default,
  • automatic generation of a macro to restore the current setting or the transfer the current setting to an other system,
  • import layer setting from different file formarts,
  • open an additional setup window to increase/decrease the total number of used layers.



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