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No software is 100% correct. But with the LayoutEditor we want to achieve that as close as possible. This is only possible, if you report any found problem/bug. So please post it on this page by pressing the 'Edit this Page' button on the lower left and share your knowledge. Customers with a commercial license of the LayoutEditor my also contact for any kind of support.

Bug Report

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The free version for the Mac, which I downloaded today, won't allow me to save my files. It says that it saving is not a feature included in the version and that a license is required!

Incorrect work of Merge function

Bug screen shot

If databaseunits of Layouteditor is not equal standard units (nm, um, mm, cm ...) and lengh of figure edge is not a multiple of 2 steps of the grid then Merge function work incorrect. Example before and after the merger of the figures can be seen in the screenshot. In example databaseunits=0.15e-6

Response: The merge result does not depend on the database units value, but on the scale in database units of the merged shapes. The shown effect is a result of intended snapping within the merge function. In the first step of a merge any intersection is calculated. Calculated intersections are joined within a margin of 3 database units. This is required due to possible rounding error during the intersection calculation. So shapes to be merged should have no dimension lower than 3 database units.

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