the fair gds editor ChangeLog      20130101

Release 20130101

Release Date: 1st January 2013

Change Log (preliminary/planed)

  • New Features:

    • DesignRuleChecker:

      • performance improvement for most checks by use multi thread technology,
      • add check exact-inside and maximum-inside,
    • a device extraction tool (beta, further extension planned),

    • BooleanTools:

      • BoolOnLayer uses multi thread technology, thereby much faster, option to merge frame borders,

      • boolean add to and substract from to the context menu of the default mode,

    • locking of layers,
    • handling of creating and modification date e.g. used in GDSII files,
    • better performance for StripUnneeded,

    • SelectStatistic,

    • a lot of features of the full version are now also part of the reduced version,
  • User Interface:

    • display apple key instead of Ctrl key on mac systems,
    • some minor display style adjustments,
    • display units on all dialog like align features, move single point dialog,
    • edit-in-place can be started by choosing from a list,
    • display error messages and debug output in an open text editor,
    • netlist managing/export is extended,
  • Macros:

    • support of reading/writing binary files,
    • DesignRuleChecker: read out detected violations,

    • cropWithSelection and punchWithSelection enabled for macro recording,
    • correct macro recording for BoolOnLayer,

    • setting engineering notation in strings,
  • File Formats:

    • GDS: option to validate stored files,
    • DXF: check/replaces for . and () in layer name (not supported by other software),

    • Gerber: support of macros, G-codes G70+G71 are supported, all *.gt? and *.gb? extensions are linked with the gerber format,
    • Ltspice: import of ports,
    • Eagle: support of rotated rectangles,
    • oa: switched to plugin, allows to use own oa versions,
  • SchematicEditor:

    • device extraction information can be stored with each component,
    • Cmim device for the OpenCellLibrary,

    • fix problem with global ports,
  • TextEditor:

    • optimize focus with the search feature,
    • execute shortcut on ctrl+e,
    • enable adding macros to the menu,
    • integrate circuit simulation into the main menu,
    • MacroRecording will end in a text editor,

    • high-lighter for error reports,
  • Bug Fixes:

    • memory leak in merge select feature,
    • ยต display problem in some dialogs,
    • correct display of schematic wires with just a single point,
    • incorrect display of license dialog, when a license expires,
    • DRC width dependent distance show non existing errors,
    • double devicename parameters of components,
    • correct detection of circles/arc, special meanders are detected correctly in the properies dialog,
    • identical cell references in copy&past were not always detected,

    • problem with mac native color picker,
    • correct quit while operations are running,
    • problem with vectorization of some pixel graphics,
    • rounding problem by calculation intersections in the boolean engine,
    • calling layout macro features from the schematic window,

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