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Release 20151012

Release Date: 12.10.2015

Change Log

  • New Features:

  • File Formats:

    • GDSII:

      • fix problem on splitting to large polygons,
      • loading of node elements as single point path,
    • SES:

      • import adjusts components placments of existing components,
    • DWG:

      • integrated support of a DWG to DXF converter. Converter itself is freeware and needs to be installed separate,
    • DXF:

      • fix problem with # in cellnames,

      • add support of rotated cell arrays (as far as possible in DXF),
    • Spice:
      • fix several issue on import for layout versus netlist,
  • Macros:

    • support of arrays for the types int, double and string int i[4,5];

    • support of ++variable operator ++i;

    • support of variable definition in for loops for(int i=0;i<5;++i){}

    • externalTool class supports wildcard * in the hint for the path,

    • add new method to class layout:
      • int layout::getSize(string caption,QString lable, int value=1),
    • add new method to class element:
      • void element::setPropertyString(int num,string s);
      • string element::getPropertyString(int num);
    • add new method to class sElement:
      • point sElement::getPoint(),
      • pointArray sElement::getPoints(),
      • bool sElement::isGlobal(),
      • bool sElement::isPortOrBusPort(),
      • bool sElement::isArc(),
      • bool sElement::isBus(),
      • bool sElement::isBusport(),
      • bool sElement::isCircle(),
      • bool sElement::isDevice(),
      • bool sElement::isPolyline(),
      • bool sElement::isPolygon(),
      • bool sElement::isPort(),
      • bool sElement::isRect(),
      • bool sElement::isText(),
      • bool sElement::isWire(),
      • bool sElement::isWireLabel(),
  • Bug Fixes:

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