the fair gds editor ChangeLog      20150416

Release 20150416

Release Date: 16.4.2015

Change Log

  • New Features:

  • File Formats:

    • Gerber: fix parsing problem with commands starting with (,

    • Eagle: import netlist form brd file,

    • KiCad: add support for import (PCB, schematic, library),

    • ODB++: rework of import/export, support of compressed files,

    • DSN: export as normal file format,

    • SES: import as normal file format,

    • 3d view export to STL format,
  • Macros:

    • encryption of macros,
    • add new methods to class layout:
      • string layout::getStatistic(),
      • void layout::setSnapToGrid(bool b),
      • void layout::setSnapToPoint(bool b),
      • void layout::setSnapToMiddle(bool b),
      • void layout::setSnapToLine(bool b),
      • void layout::etSnapToCenter(bool b),
      • void layout::setSnapToIntersection(bool b),
    • add new method to class setup:
      • void setup::resetToolbars(),
  • Bug Fixes:

    • storing of PCB placement mode after shutdown,
    • select visible on cellrefs,
    • update of place list,
    • mirror of partial selected shapes,
    • DRC no boxes in rotated references,
    • signing shipped openSource autorouter on Mac OS X,
    • high resolution display on Mac OS X,
    • layerNum missing in pylayout,
    • scaling of 45 deg rotated EIP,
    • 3d view export to DXF from model view,
    • layerTranslator in pylayout,
    • return var type of iPDK_getParameterValue,
    • color select dialog on Mac OS X,

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