the fair gds editor ChangeLog      20150208

Release 20150208

Release Date: 8.2.105

Change Log

  • New Features:

    • adjustable transparency of background images,
    • fracture to lines has additional parameters overlapping and keep small shapes,
    • external parametric cell generator can set cell data,
    • device multiplier for components,
    • hierarchical boolean invertion of a single layer,
    • optional editing of FastCap / FastHenry input file,

    • grid is used in SchematicEditor in case of no snapping,

    • interactive simulation results probing in SchematicEditor,

    • close files in TextEditor from file list,

    • TextEditor can used as console to external tools,

    • setup for automatic placing is stored/restore with programm shutdown,
    • display port names in the schematic wire mode,
    • support of multi symbol component in the SchematicEditor,

    • place mode option for PCBs,
    • interface for external autorouter,
    • drc for circle radius,
    • invered circle array in the parametric shapes library,
  • File Formats:

    • Gerber: option to save arc with circular interpolation, support of caluclated parameter, export no longer needs to flat the design, support of negative polarity,
    • Eagle: import of eagle schematics, import of lbr file format as component libraries, support of some further parameters on brd files like roundness,
    • Excellon drill format import,
  • Macros:

    • add new member to class bool setup::gerberSaveArc,
    • add new method to class cell: void cell::fractureLineSelect(int lineSize,int overlap=0,bool keepSmallShapes)
    • add new method to class backgroundModule: void backgroundModule::backgroundTransparency(int handel,int value)
    • add new method to class backgroundModule: int backgroundModule::backgroundTransparencyGet(int handel)
    • add new method to class drawingField: pointArray drawingField::getPoints()
    • add new method to class schmaticDisplay: void schmaticDisplay::setProbeMode(plotData data)
    • add new method to class layers: static int layers::maxLevel()m static int layers::findLevel(int i), static int layers::globalVia()
    • add new method to class setup: bool setup::placeModeForPCB; bool setup:gerberInverseShapesOnOtherLayer,
    • add new method to class drc: void drc::circleRadiusOnLayer(int min, int max, int layer)
    • add new method to class layer: bool layer::isVia(), bool layer::isConductor()
    • add new class plotData,
  • Bug Fixes:

    • force OA version to subversion starting with 0,

    • 3d view export on Linux to pixel formats,
    • DRC self-intersections check problem on connection lines to inner holes,
    • parsing of parameter in generated netlists,
    • string::matchParenthesis wrong close parsing on sequence like (()/()),
    • connectivity extraction for references with global vias,
    • schematic netlist extraction problem on global ports,
    • rotation order in EDIF export,
    • schematic SVG export on Ground symbol,
    • display problem on pathes with small edges,
    • gerber rotation on apertur macros, macros with identical names, interpolation of arcs, one digit possitions,
    • boolean engine resolution probelm for huge coordinates,
    • macro recording for boolOnLayer with layer delete,

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