the fair gds editor ChangeLog      20141204
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Release 20141204

Release Date: 4.12.2014

Change Log

  • SchematicEditor

    • extension of the OpenCellLibrary: parameric cell for npn transistor, multi emitter transistors, multi collector transistors,

    • LTspice integration on Mac,
    • NGspice integration on Mac,
    • add optional type for ports,
    • increases dot size for better visibility,
    • MOS extraction will extract source/drain area and perimeter,
    • parameter dialog shows optional parsed values next to the formular,
    • netlist generation:
      • can handle internal nodes,
      • convertion to scientifc notation,
      • convertion to engineering notation,
      • detection of native LTspice library folder,
  • New Features:

    • better selection of shapes,
    • entry callback path as list,
    • auto check on valid macro folder,
    • auto detection of oa version when using PyCell,

    • auto detection of callback path if not set,
    • scale feature with numeric entry,
    • execute of Tcl file from the TextEditor,

    • fracture to lines,
    • external parametric cell creation,
  • Macros:

    • add continue for loops,

    • add new member to class setup: string setup::macroDirectory,
    • add new member to class setup: string setup::autostartMacro,
    • add new method to class process: bool process::windows(),
    • add new method to class process: bool process::linux(),
    • add new method to class process: bool process::mac(),
    • add new methods to class cell: int cell::countSelectPoints(), int cell::countSelectPath() int cell::countSelectBox(), int cell::countSelectPolygon(), int cell::countSelectCellref(), int cell::countSelectCellrefarray(), int cell::countSelectText(),
    • add new methods to class cell: void cell::fractureLineSelect(int lineWidth),
    • add new methods to class layers: int layers::technologyLayerGetParameter(int layer,int parnum), int layers::technologyLayerGetType(int layer),
    • add new methods to class layer: int layer::get3dLevel(), int layer::get3dThickness(),
    • add new methods to class layout: int layout::getLayer(string label, int value=0),
    • add new methods to class layout: string layout::getItem(string caption,string label,stringList values);
    • add new methods to class drawingField: void drawingField::scale(double scale), void cell:scaleSelect(point center,double scale),
    • add new methods to class drawingField: void drawingField::saveLayer(string fileName,int layer);
    • add new methods to class setup: void setup::set(string parameter,string value);
    • add iPDK_paramExist and iPDK_getParameterList for callbacks only in tcl and C++ macros,
    • add global parameter in callbacks,
    • add support of powerOf operator **,
  • File Formats:

    • LT-Spice schematic: remove not needed wire dots after import,
    • LT-Spice schematic: import of port type,
    • LT-Spice schematic: export added,
    • VHDL netlist export,
    • verilog netlist export,
  • Bug Fixes:

    • 3d view on Windows 8.1,
    • netlist update after renaming ports/wires,
    • insert slots feature for complex shapes,
    • undo after some operations,
    • pylayout on Mac OS X,
    • improved 64 bit support for calling external tools,
    • autocorrection of wrong library setup,
    • PyCell installation path on Linux,

    • checking display and edit status of schematic components,
    • convertion to scientific notation in macro class string,
    • setup problem for integrated translator,
    • crash in circular callback calls,
    • iPDK_getParamDef callback returned incorrect values,
    • search path for oa plugins on Linux,
    • macro recording for fracture features,
    • dublicate values in intersection calculation,
    • selection of invisible shapes in fselect,
    • locked layer were ignored from some features,
    • static oa plugin can crash on missing plugins,

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