the fair gds editor ChangeLog      20140102

Release 20140102

Release Date: 2.1.2014

Change Log

  • New Features:

  • User Interface:

    • add reporting of self-intersecting polygon during file load,
    • more simple entry of user units in most dialogs,
  • Macros:

    • add new method to textEdit class: needLayoutEditor(bool newOne=false), needSchematicEditor(bool newOne=false), save(), saveAs(),
    • add new method to drc class: minimumInsideOrOutside(int distance,int insideLayer, int layer1, int layer2=-1, int layer3=-1), onlyRectangle(int layer)
    • add new method to cell class: detachHolesSelect(outlineLayer,holeLayer),
    • range check in class stringList,
    • error message also in status bar,
    • backup file ending with ~ will be not added to main menu,
  • File Formats:

    • GDS: auto detection of gzip files (independent of the file extension), detection on circular cell references in writing,
    • OASIS: auto detection of gzip files (independent of the file extension),
    • DXF: DXF units can be separate set (was fix to user units before),
    • DXF: check on legal layer names and legal cell names,
    • LTspice: import of busports, import devices with multi parameter in a single schematic line,
    • GDS and OASIS: better load performance for designs with complex shapes,
    • EPS: add HiResBoundingBox information to be compatible with more tools,

  • SchematicEditor:

    • parametric shape library: add a array of labels,
  • TextEditor:

    • macros for better netlist handling,
    • import macro for calibre drc results,
  • Bug Fixes:

    • boolean operations with shapes smaller than 3 database units,
    • macro call of drawingField::sector(),
    • ODB++ import of OC surfaces with circles,
    • DRC: width depended distance on polygons with hole at the edge,
    • DRC minNotches: chamfer will not mark as a violation,
    • DRC minimumEnclosure: can handle rings,
    • cutting of complex polygons,
    • attaching files with identical hierarchie,
    • problem with menu display,
    • enable undo on some actions in the SchematicEditor,

    • DC2 format import parsing correct layer,
    • display of huge arrays (>1000*1000),

    • circle detection on rounded boxes,
    • polygon self-intersection check does not find any intersection,
    • polygon check 'not needed points' does no longer break vertical and horzontal edges,

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