the fair gds editor ChangeLog      20130812

Release 20130812

Release Date: 12.8.2013

Change Log

  • New Features:

    • SizeLayer

    • a layer wide Boolean invert without the need to draw the bounding box first,
    • DesignRuleChecker:

      • new maximumDistance check (as option of the minimum distance check),
      • adjust the width dependence distance check, the check is more strict now,
      • removing violations on a noDRC layer,
      • improved dialog for some checks,
    • detection of file format for unknown file name extensions,
    • further levels of PaintDetails for huge designs,

    • improved RemoveSmallEdges will maintain vertical and horizontal lines,

    • support MEBES version 1-5 and MEBES job files,
    • mircoQr barcodes,
    • grayscale import of bitmaps as designs,
  • User Interface:

  • Macros:

    • add new method to drawingField class: deleteLayer(sourceLayer, sourceDatatype), moveLayer(sourceLayer, sourceDatatype, destLayer), copyLayer(sourceLayer, sourceDatatype, destLayer), sizeLayer(int layer, int size), unusedLayer(int), copyArea(rect,layerSource,layerDest),
    • add new method to drc class: removeNoDrcViolations(layer),
    • add new method to cell class: minkowskiSumSelect(pointArray pa), getDensityLayer(int layer, QPoint pos, int sizeX, int sizeY, int spaceX, int spaceY, int nx, int ny),
    • macro recoding of different group functions,
    • overflow check for numbers,
  • File Formats:

    • detection of file format for unknown file name extensions,
    • gerber: support of macro primitives type 4 and type 5, offset and scaling support,

    • MEBES: versions 1-5 are supported, MEBES job files,
    • DEF: process bar added,
    • OASIS: compression for box type 8426,
    • LTspice: add device parameter import,
    • DC2-NPGS support,
  • SchematicEditor:

    • optional centering during symbol import,
    • handling of a wire connected only by a name and not by a wire,
    • parsing component parametesr using scientific notations,
    • avoid display of upside down text,
    • moving wire labels,
  • TextEditor:

    • execution of text designs like CIF will open the design in the LayoutEditor window,

  • Bug Fixes:

    • windows installer uses incorrect macro path,
    • problem with shapes having multiple triangular holes,
    • generation of spaes after complex xor Boolean operations,
    • CDF parser for list data,
    • possible crash if a OA library does not exist,
    • DEF import of very lage power nets,
    • drcEnclosure for paths as an enclosed shape,
    • problem with stripEmptyCells if currentCell is empty,
    • write symbols to OA,
    • sizing problem caused by spice,

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