the fair gds editor ChangeLog      20130609

Release 20130609

Release Date: 9th June 2013

Change Log

  • New Features:

  • User Interface:

    • PropertiesMode with choose from list can be limited to selected elements,

    • adjust dialog size for mac systems,
    • combinated point/cell select/deselect,
    • direct TextEditor call,

    • possibilitiy to copy result from area calculation dialog,
    • integration of alliance tools for digital syntesis and simulation,

  • Macros:

    • low level editing of cell reference arrays,
    • short cuts to call macros,
    • adding a transformation class to the macro interface, used for text element and cell references,
    • add new method to cell class: flatAllLayer, addCircle, addChamferedBox, addPolygonArc, addSector,
    • add new method to rect class: set,
    • add new method to element class: getTrans, setTrans, getScale, getAngle, setPoints, getCap, selectTouchingOrOverlapping
    • add new method to pointArray class: attach(x,y), filletBezier, filletRound, chamfer, addCornerArea,
    • add new method to file class: baseName, path, suffix,
    • add new method to setup class: netListImportVhdlUpperNames, netListImportUseComponentLibrary
    • add indexOf to any list class,
    • range check for list, no segmenation fault more possible,
  • File Formats:

    • CIF: fix overflow problem with some cell reference rotations,
    • EDIF export,
    • OASIS fix incorrect modal value for trapezoids,
  • SchematicEditor:

    • net list import search for existing devices in component libraries,
    • parametric cell support ipdk syntax,

    • ng-spice integration: adjust control statment when called from TextEditor,

  • TextEditor:

    • ng-spice integration: adjust control statment when called from TextEditor,

  • Bug Fixes:

    • file dialog path is also set by opening from lasted open list in file menu,
    • problem with default fiule suffix,
    • macro recoding tool bar button and deleteLayer,
    • 3d viewer causing crashes an some systems,
    • size adjust for special shapes with inner holes,
    • modify corners: edges smaller than required are not modified,
    • coding problem of / in the code39 barcode,

    • modified short cuts wiull applied to new opened windows,
    • PropertiesMode with choose from list correct show of identical shapes,

    • macro recoding for boolOnLayer,
    • minimum/maximum caluclation for non zerro width manhattan path,
    • display problem with scaled reference arrays,
    • macro access problem for booleanHandler,
    • foating 3d view on program start,
    • LayoutEditorWeb on Chrome 19,

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