the fair gds editor ChangeLog      20130224

Release 20130224

Release Date: 24th February 2013

Change Log

  • New Features:

    • SearchPattern,

    • add further extraction methods: bipolar junction transistors (lateral and vertical) and thin film resistors,
    • design rule checker: add check for exact shape size,
    • DeleteZeroWidthPath,

  • User Interface:

    • choose shape from list (e.g. in PropertiesMode ) will only show shapes on visible layers,

    • sorting layer control by 3d level,
    • LVS: display of additional cells, one grouped message for this warning,
    • add OpenAccess parametric cell into from the PropertiesMode,

  • Macros:

    • correct macro recording for minimumEnclosure,
    • floor/round function identical to std C++,
    • access new toolBar from macros,
    • add a feature to select labeled shapes only (selectLabeledshapesOnLayer in class cell),

    • special copy features like: copyDimension, copyTouching and copyOverlapping,
  • File Formats:

    • oasis: support of storing layer names on layer 1024 and bigger,
    • oa: universal plugin for all oa versions
  • SchematicEditor:

  • TextEditor:

    • no changes,
  • Bug Fixes:

    • possible crash on LVS on designs with more devices than in the schematic,
    • LVS on cells created with different versions of the layout editor,
    • correct macro recording for minimumEnclosure,
    • in BoolOnLayer and some design rule checks can result in rounding errors for some designs,

    • tcl support for some platforms missing,
    • Sizeadjust for shapes with edges with less than 10 database units length,

    • stripEmptyCell will delete cells with just reference to other empty cells as well,
    • windows printing problem,
    • macro access to self defined tool bars,
    • possible crash on system without 3d support,

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