the fair gds editor ChangeLog      20120420

Release 20120420

Release Date 20.04.2012

Change Log

  • New Features

  • User Interface

    • central text editor to display and option store of any report,
    • short cuts for the text editor,
    • display running operations in the status bar,
    • improved sizeing of the status bar,
    • warning in all operations, if a selection is missing,
  • Macros

    • control of the text editor,
    • support of break statement,

    • support of switch command,

    • ignoring of unsupported compiler commands
    • extension to schematic components,
    • add missing extractNetlist command,
    • add getLVSResults command,
    • new project class,
  • File Formats

    • recognition of SF extension for GDS format,
    • support of rotated and mirror references for DXF,
  • SchematicEditor

    • $ports() instruction for netlist generation,

    • direct starting of schematic on linux,
  • TextEditor

    • direct editing of GDSII files,

    • text search,
    • tabbed editing,
    • macros to control the text editor,
    • central text editor for error display,
  • Bug Fixes

    • problem with a double - and double / in macros,

    • add missing _ char in block font,

    • display cell names always unrotated,
    • macro callbacks GUI problem on Linux,
    • restore menu visibility,
    • limit number of points in polygon check,
    • refresh problem after resize with a running operation,
    • problem with changing the short cut of the circle fit feature,
    • wrong drc check area for some checks.

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