the fair gds editor ChangeLog      20160801

Release 20160801

Release Date: 1.8.2016

Change Log

  • New Features:

    • update Japanese and French translation,
    • autosave will create compressed files,
    • drc violation list can be sorted via the content menu in different ways,
    • improved PCB package selection dialog,
    • possibility to reset all setting from command line,
    • visualisation that a autostart macro was started,
    • better toolbar setup for narrow screens by adding additional toolbar breaks,
    • integration of qrouter as digital router for e.g. the OpenCellLibrary,

    • automatic setup for qrouter,
  • File Formats:

    • DEF:

      • import with multi statements per line,
    • LEF:

      • import with multi statements per line,
    • Eagle:

      • reading lbr attributes as component parameter
    • ODB++:

      • support of oval aperture,
      • support of diamond aperture,
      • support of octagon aperture,
    • KiCad:

      • support of rotated ovals,
      • fix correct rotation of same arcs,
    • Gerber:

      • processing of '-' operation in parametric macros,
    • Excellon:

      • auto detection in case of unknown file name extension,
      • fix problem with negative coordinates,
  • Macros:

    • add new method to class setup:
      • static stringList setup::defSpecialnets,
      • static string setup::defExtra,
      • static int setup::lefPitchHorizontal,
      • static int setup::lefPitchVertical,
      • static string setup::lefExtra,
    • possibility to hide hideToolbar for netlist, extraction, background, drc,
  • Bug Fixes:

    • scale full with only one text element,
    • OpenCellLibrary layer setup of metal4/drc check of metal4,

    • VHDL import: entity port marked as external node, uppper any name on port_map,
    • disable text to polygon in autosave,
    • correct usage of set autosave time,
    • external tool callbacks trigger screen refresh if required,
    • python macro when using qt5 as GUI library,
    • save drc violation will save violation type,
    • schematic will save default PCB package,
    • new start option to avoid start up problem with LXDE

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