the fair gds editor ChangeLog      20160425
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Release 20160425

Release Date: 25.4.2016

Change Log

  • New Features:

    • improvements of the garphical user interface for screens with small width,
    • control of external autorouter with a macro,
    • update PCB autorouter freeRouting to 1.2.45,

    • better performance for fracture line and fracture box (now multi threaded),
    • improved visualisation of alignment features,
    • optional toolbar with the cell display settings,
    • optimized display of highlighted shapes,
    • easy change of white/black background,
    • connection to the new web shop for a easy maintenance extension,
    • hierarchy with group and flat in the 3d editor,
    • properties dialog and view features in the 3d editor,
  • File Formats:

    • DEF:

      • export
      • import read node names for external nodes,
    • LEF:

      • export
      • import reads via technology parameter,
    • ODB++:

      • correct precision of output digits,
    • DXF:

      • leading digits in layer names will be interpreted as layer numbers,
      • correct precision of output digits,
    • KiCad:

      • fix problem with component orientation,
      • automatic loading from pretty subfolders,

    • Gerber:

      • force one aperture in the case no shapes with effective aperture,
  • Macros:

    • add new method to class setup:
      • static void setup::dataStore(string name, string value),
      • static QString setup::dataGet(string name),
      • static void setup::dataClear(string name),
      • static void setup::dataClearAll(),
    • add new method to class layout:
      • string layout::getToolbarState(),
      • void layout::setToolbarState(string),
    • add new method to class schematic:
      • string schematic::getToolbarState(),
      • void schematic::setToolbarState(string),
    • add new method to class drawingField3d:
      • void drawingField3d::selectAll(),
      • void drawingField3d::selectVisible(),
      • void drawingField3d::deselectAll(),
      • void drawingField3d::meshSelect(),
      • void drawingField3d::meshDeselect(),
      • void drawingField3d::invertSelect(),
    • add new method to class cell3d:
      • void cell3d::selectCellref(string cellname),
      • void cell3d::selectAll(),
      • void cell3d::invertSelect(),
      • void cell3d::selectVisible(),
      • void cell3d::deselectAll(),
      • void cell3d::meshSelect(),
      • void cell3d::meshDeselect(),
    • add new method to class textEdit:
      • int textEdit::findFile(string filename),
      • void testEdit::reload(),
    • macro recording for the features: scaleFull, scalePlus, scaleMinus, print, screenshot, select cell by name, set grid,
    • macro recording add for the SetupDialog,

  • Bug Fixes:

    • removeSmallEdges on stairstep edges,
    • gotoXY will set the center of the screen and displays with user units,
    • 3d extrude/rotate with no selected shapes,
    • 3d extrude/rotate on selected cell references,
    • missing " in macro recording for netlistLoad,
    • pylayout plugin path on Windows 10,

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