the fair gds editor ChangeLog      20140214

Release 20140214

Release Date: 14.2.2014

Change Log

  • New Features:

  • User Interface:

    • user interface for ConvertToMesh,

    • some additional feature moved to basic and reduced version,
  • Macros:

    • add new method to layer class: layer::red(), layer::green(), layer::blue(),
    • add new method to cell class: cell::slotSelect(int slotWidth, int minSlotLength, int maxSlotLength, int edgeSpacing, int minSlotspacing ),
    • add new method to drawingField class: drawingField::densityFill(int layer, double density, int shapeSpace, int minWidth, int minSpace, int frameSize),
    • add new method to netListModule class: netListModule::void autoPlace(bool placeDigital,bool placeAnalog,int srLayer, int analogDistance),
    • convertion double to int will round at 9th digit to avoid problems with limited resolution on double numbers,
    • debugging to console possible on Linux and MAC,
  • File Formats:

    • CSV export supports 9 digits resolution,

  • Bug Fixes:

    • Sizeadjust can now handle splitting of polygons coorectly when the sizeing eleminates a thin connections,

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