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Simulating with HSPICE

The LayoutEditor includes a universal netlist generator which of course can also generate netlists for HSPICE. To make a usage simpler the LayoutEditor reads HSPICE information from the 'cdfData' (component description format) of iPDK compatible OpenAccess databases and includes a basic library as a template for simulations. So the setup is reduced to a minimum. HSPICE


Each LayoutEditor package includes a macro (in schematic/Utilities) which performs most of the setup and starts the simulation/wave form viewer. Only a few adjustments may be required. If the enviourment variable SNPSLMD_LICENSE_FILE is not set, the license server had to be named. If HSPICE is not in the standard installation path, this path had to be changed.

As iPDK does not include model information a include line to this model information had to be added in the hspice netlist. By changeing the hspice netlist format setup this is done automaticly.


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