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LayoutEditor shortcuts


The use of shortcuts will accelerate the handling of the LayoutEditor enormously. For an easy learing the LayoutEditor can display the shortcuts on the button in the toolbars. To activate/deactivate just press the CAPS key.

List of Shortcuts

*Set Zoom Mode: Zoom
+Zoom In: Zoom
-Zoom Out: Zoom
/Zoom In/Out: Zoom
0Set Scale Mode: Adjust Utilities
1Set Active Layer: Layer Shortkeys
2Layer Visibility toggle: Layer Shortkeys
3Hide Other Layer: Layer Shortkeys
4Show All Layer: Layer Shortkeys
5A + B: Boolean Tools
6A * B: Boolean Tools
7A - B: Boolean Tools
8B - A: Boolean Tools
9A exor B: Boolean Tools
ASet Cell Reference Array Mode: Cell Reference Array
BSet Box Mode: Box
CSet Copy Mode: Copy
DDelete: Delete
ESet Circle Mode: Circle
FSet Sector Mode: Sector
GSet Grid: Grid Operations
HSet Polygon Arc Mode: Polygon Arc
IAttach File: File Operations
JSet Arc Mode: Arc
KSet Spiral Mode: Spiral
LSet Path Mode: Path
MSet Move Mode: Move
NNew Drawing: New Drawing
OOpen File: File Operations
PSet Polygon Mode: Polygon
QSet Cut Mode: Cut
RSet Cell Reference Mode: Cell Reference
SSave: File Operations
TSet Text Mode: Text
UUpdate Cells: File Operations
VMerge: Merge
WMove to Layer: Change Layer
XSet Mirror Mode: Mirror
YCopy to Layer: Change Layer
ZRemove Small Edges: Adjust Utilities
\Delete Cell: Cell Operations
BackspaceDeselect All: Global Select
DeleteSet Point Deselect Mode: Point Deselect
DownScroll Down: Scroll
EndSet Form Deselect Mode: Form Deselect
F1Help: Help
F10Setup Dialog: Setup
F11Start Macro Recording: Macros
F12Set Route Mode: Routing
F2Next Drawing: Layout windows
F3Select Cell (list): Cell Operations
F4Cellname: Cell Operations
F5New Cell: Cell Operations
F6Undo: Undo
F7Redo: Undo
F8Group: Cell Flat
F9Cell Flat: Cell Flat
HomeSet Form Select Mode: Form Select
InsertSet Point Select Mode: Point Select
LeftScroll Left: Scroll
PageDownSet Cell Deselect Mode: Cell Deselect
PageUpSet Cell Select Mode: Cell Select
PrintScreenshot: Printing
RightScroll Right: Scroll
SpaceSelect Visible: Global Select
UpScroll Up: Scroll
std::closeClose Design: Quit
std::findSearch: Quit
std::findnextSearch Next: Quit
std::replace: Quit
Alt+SSave All: File Operations
Alt+F3Previous Cell: Cell Operations
Alt+F8Group Global: Cell Flat
Ctrl+0Set Select to B: Boolean Tools
Ctrl+1Set Ruler Mode: Ruler
Ctrl+2Area Measurement: Area Measurement
Ctrl+3Set Angle Measurement Mode: Angle Measurement
Ctrl+4Set Length Measurement Mode: Length Measurement
Ctrl+5Set Element Size Mode: Element Size
Ctrl+8Bool on Layer: Boolean Tools
Ctrl+9Set Select to A: Boolean Tools
Ctrl+BConvert to Box: Convert Utilities
Ctrl+CCopy to Clipboard: Clipboard
Ctrl+DClosed Path to Polygon: Convert Utilities
Ctrl+ESet Circle from Box Mode: Circle from Box
Ctrl+GShow Grid: Grid Operations
Ctrl+HSchematic Window: Schematic
Ctrl+ILayer Select: Layer Select
Ctrl+KSelect Cell By Name: Cell Select
Ctrl+LLayer Deselect: Layer Select
Ctrl+MSet Move Point Mode: Move
Ctrl+NConvert to Circle: Convert Utilities
Ctrl+OModify Corners: Modify Corners
Ctrl+PConvert to Polygon: Convert Utilities
Ctrl+QQuit: Quit
Ctrl+RRound Elements: Adjust Utilities
Ctrl+SConvert to Mesh: Convert Utilities
Ctrl+TSet Insert Polygon Point Mode: Insert Polygon Point
Ctrl+USet MoveEdge Mode: Insert Polygon Point
Ctrl+VPaste from Clipboard: Clipboard
Ctrl+BackspaceInvert Selection: Global Select
Ctrl+F11Update Macros: Macros
Ctrl+F12Set Place Mode: Place
Ctrl+F3Cell Up: Cell Operations
Ctrl+F4Edit Macro: Macros
Ctrl+F8Group Structure: Cell Flat
Shift++Grid Finer: Grid Operations
Shift+-Grid Coarser: Grid Operations
Shift+/Zoom Fit Selection: Zoom
Shift+0Set active Layer to B: Boolean Tools
Shift+1Sizeadjust: Adjust Utilities
Shift+2Set Bezier 2nd Mode: Bezier
Shift+3Set Bezier 3rd Mode: Bezier
Shift+5Zoom Eins: Zoom
Shift+6Grid Automatic: Grid Operations
Shift+9Set active Layer to A: Boolean Tools
Shift+ASnap Shapes: Adjust Utilities
Shift+BCopy By: Copy
Shift+CCompare Cell: Compare Cell
Shift+DSnap Middle of Line: Snap
Shift+ESet Circle Fit Mode: Circle Fit
Shift+GSnap Grid: Snap
Shift+ISnap Intersection: Snap
Shift+LSnap Line: Snap
Shift+MMove By: Move
Shift+NSnap Center: Snap
Shift+OSnap Point: Snap
Shift+PSet Properties Mode: Properties
Shift+QClose Design: Quit
Shift+RSet Rotate Mode: Rotate
Shift+SSave As: File Operations
Shift+TSet Cell Origin: Cell Origin
Shift+VMerge to Layer: Merge
Shift+WCrop With Selection: Crop
Shift+XGoto X Y: Zoom
Shift+BackspaceSelect All: Global Select
Shift+DownMove Cell Down: Setup
Shift+F1What's this: Help
Shift+F10Layer Manager: Layer Manager
Shift+F11Stop Record Macro: Macros
Shift+F12Generate Technology Macro: Macros
Shift+F2Select Cell (list): Cell Operations
Shift+F3Select Cell (graphical): Cell Operations
Shift+F4Execute Macro: Macros
Shift+F8Group Simple: Cell Flat
Shift+F9Cell Flat Multilevel: Cell Flat
Shift+LeftMove Cell Left: Setup
Shift+PrintPrint: Printing
Shift+RightMove Cell Right: Setup
Shift+UpMove Cell Up: Setup

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