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Component Libraries for Schematics

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Components or also called devices are the most important part of a schematic as it is the only functional part. Each component is displayed within the schematic as a symbol, it may have parameter to describe its function more detailed and it includes detailed information how to simulate it and how its layout looks. All this information is concentrated for a lot of components in a component library. Components may be specific to your design or standard components form a foundery or part vendor. Having good libraries is a key part in the circuit development. Library may be shipped by the foundery or part vendor, a third party supplierer or created by your own. The SchematicEditor comes with some templates for libraries. These libraries can easily be adjusted within the SchematicEditor itself. The LayoutEditor supported two library formats direcly (OpenAccess, LEL) other formats can be imported.

All opened libraries, its components and feature to edit it can be found in a dock window of the SchematicEditor.

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