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Paint Engine

The LayoutEditor includes three different paint engines. A paint engine displays the shapes on the screen. By changing the engine the kind of display can be effected. The paint engine can be changed via the SetupDialog. A restart is required before the new chosen engine will be used. Available engines are:

  • unsorted display: All elements are painted over each other. There is no deterministic order.
  • sorted or stacked display: Shapes are sorted in the same order than the 3d display.
  • transparent display: Shapes are transparent.

Unsorted Display

The unsorted engine is the fastest engine. All shapes are displayed with a maximal performance without any calculations on a layer order.



Stacked display

With the sorted or stacked engine all shapes are displayed in the same layer order used in the 3d view. The highest layer level will be displayed on top. To change the order edit the 3d layer setup in the LayerManager or edit a single layer with the layer properties



Transparent Display

With the transparent paint engine shapes will get transparent and not cover a underlying shapes. However a underlying shapes will modify the color. With a dark background a underlying shape will make its color lighter (darker with a white background).



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