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Converting GDSII - OASIS

The LayoutEditor supports a plenty of different file formats. A conversion between these file formats is possible by just using the SaveAs feature. However each file format is different and there are some things to consider with each supported file format including a GDSII to OASISconversion. OASIS was released to be a successor of the [[GDSII] file format, but there are some differences:

Converting Polygons

The number of points of a polygon is limited in the GDSII file format. There was a really low limit of 200 points in the early version of GDSII. This limit was increased to 8191 in newer versions. Only with a modifiaction which is not part of the GDSII standard the limit can be removed. The OASIS file format doesn't have any limitations here. So a conversion from GDSII to OASIS makes no problems, but the other way round you had to handle huge polygons. By default the LayoutEditor will split these polygons into polygons with less than 8191.

Converting Text

The GDSII format allows many attributes for text elements like size of the text, alignment, rotation, etc. These attributes don't exist in the OASIS file format. A conversion to the OASIS format will remove this text formating.

Converting Circles

The OASIS file format supports circles with don't exist in the GDSII file format. In GDSII files circle are created as regular polygons with a circular shape. A conversion of OASIS to GDSII is therefor quite simple: circle will get a regular polygon. The number of points the LayoutEditor uses for this regular polygons can be setup via the circular defaults in the setup window. A conversion in the other direction the LayoutEditor can recognize regular polygon will save it as circles, if this option is not disabled by the user.

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