the fair gds editor ChangeLog      20110614
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Release 20110614

Release Date 14.6.2011

Change Log

  • Cleanup the default tool bar, rare use tool bar are now optional, use a right click on a empty tool bar area to make it visible, tool bar

  • changing grid can now be done via the grid status in the status bar, with a left click the grid can be entered, a right click opens a menu with all options, enter grid

  • performance improvement in the CropWithSelection feature,

  • extent the ModifyCorners feature by a chamfer and fillet modification,dialog

  • 'SaveAs' files will be added to last open list,

  • a context menu was added to the cell combo box in the tool bar, renaming a cell, delete a cell and add a cell have move to this content menu, identical modification was done in the SchematicEditor with the sheet combo box enter grid

  • a context menu in the SelectCell(list) dialog, cellmanager

  • list view of layers with is now default, setup is possible with a right click inside a layer dock window or via the setup window enter grid

  • better support of unicode for text elements and cell names, unicode support

  • new french user interface,
  • new japanesse user unterface,
  • integrated user interface tanslator integrated translator

  • in the EditMode the content menu was extended, now setting cell, flat cell, etc. is also possible with this menu, edit content menu

  • enter gridAdd: DRC to check for slots within a single shape, (is option of the notch check),

  • Fix: minimum size DRC problem on special shapes to hole connection edges,
  • Add: a combined min/max dimension within the DRC,
  • Add a own DRC dock window with all required setup and supported checks,
  • Add: possibility to display drc violation as a list,
  • Add: possibility to limit DRC to a defined region or current view,
  • Fix: CIF import if transformation mx or my has a space,

  • Add a resistance extraction feature,
  • Enter command mode by left click in position status bar,
  • Add: copy within the move mode, if Control is pressed,

  • Fix: device/device connection problem without a wire in the schematic,
  • Add: saving layer number with CSV file format,
  • entry of 3d setup changed to user units instead of database units,
  • Add: a defaultShapeConstraint: free_angle/45°/90° (for creating polygon and paths),
  • Add: a anchor for moving/scaling background images,
  • Add: repeating copy feature (hold Control in copy mode),

  • Add: Demo Version without save limitation, (if basic feature are used),
  • Add: mirror copy feature to the mirror mode, (hold the Control key),

  • Add: On-Edit preview in the rotate and mirror mode, enter grid

  • Add: Short cup view feature to schematic window (by caps-lock key)enter grid

  • Fix: escape key problem with the schematic window

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